“Food Security - La Sicurezza Alimentare: priorità per lo sviluppo del villaggio di Djangoa. Donne, giovani e bambini attori della crescita sostenibile”

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
5.000 - 100.000
Agriculture and Fishery
Type of Activity:
Training and Capacity Building
Technology and Knowledge Exchange
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
Haliéus (Ngo of Lega Pesca for International Cooperation Projects)
SenioresItalia_ Lazio
Cooperative Tsinjolavitra

Project Objectives

The project aims at supporting the human development in the region through women's empowerment, the improvement of the hygienic condition, the improvement of the nutrition of children at the school of Mamiko and the development of new economic activities.


This project is the prosecution of a previous project of Haliéus in Madagascar, in the rural village of Djangoa, Ambanja district, Diana Region, North Madagascar. Thanks to this project, the local women cooperative Tsinjolavitra has been trained to set up a new service of artisanal processing of the local fishery products. The products are commercialized in the local market.

At the same time the project has built the structure of a canteen for the school Mamiko, in synergy with the structure where the women of the cooperative can process the fish products. The Cooperative has also been provided with all the material needed for starting up the new activity.

Finally, the project deals with the issue of sustainability of the fishing activities. In fact, training is going to be addressed to the local young fishermen for providing them some best practices for improving their fishing techniques (introducing selective fishing gears, fishing ban periods, fish nursery areas, etc) in terms of sustainability.

The project valorizes the expertise of the Italian fishery sector cooperatives, for providing trainings to the fishermen as well to the women on fish processing.



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