Building the Capacity of Early Childhood Sector in East Jerusalem

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
100.001 - 300.000
Type of Activity:
Training and Capacity Building
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
Emilia Romagna Region
regional emilia romagna public institution
Arci - Bologna
municipality of bologna
Cadiai Cooperative

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project / program/initiative proposal is as follows: 1 - Improving the living conditions of the population, with particular attention to childhood; 2 - Improving the institutional capacity of local government and / or civil society organizations; 3 - Reduction in the rate of unemployment; 4 - Promoting partnership models between Italians and Palestinians local Authorities; 5 - Creation of local services in the area of basic education, health, agriculture, water management , etc; 6 - Increase the participation of youth and women in empowerment programs . 7 - Strengthening the activities of representation of communities; 8) - Improve and enhance the field of early childhood in Jerusalem : o Improvement of the physical environment and learning nursery or enhancement of school leaders in preschool and qualifications of teachers Establish Twinning or nests / nursery schools in Jerusalem and Bologna; 9) - Strengthen cooperation and coordination between those involved in education on site ( ECRC Palestinian Coalition ) and Italian partners


The project is part of a larger project of cooperation with Palestine and in particular with the ECRC . It is part of a process that began a few years ago and that has given rise to the creation of a center in East Jerusalem education for early childhood , a methodological point of reference and content on the issues and educational activities for children for the area surrounding and throughout the West Bank . The educational center became operational in the school year 2006-07. The aim was to strengthen it , making it in effect the product of excellence that has all the potential in a nutshell , in terms of educational content , renovation and use of space, capacity management structure of community involvement . It is to make accessible to educational realities Palestinians scattered throughout the consolidated experience on the one hand , and on the other to raise the standard of the sectors still less developed and tested . It is therefore to work on multiple floors, with multiple stakeholders , and diverse content. First , of course , continuing education of teachers, constantly combining theory and practice. Secondly, the work with the community and parents in particular. The presence of parents in decisions about the school is that we now have a routine , and on the other hand , working in close contact between parents , teachers and children has become an important tool to guarantee , over the years, positive results. In Palestine, this figure is not taken for granted everywhere. Taking into account the particular situation of conflict faced by Jerusalem and the Occupied Territories , a special program will be devoted to the psycho-social rehabilitation of children traumatized by the conflict , by providing teachers with tools to intervene and work through the psychological approach, social, cognitive and emotional. The educational center will also play a role in advising and guiding the organization of space of kindergartens in the process of restructuring and adjustment of the environment to pedagogical guidelines . These activities and this path will see the active participation of the social cooperative and central Italian CADIAI , with which the ECRC shares philosophy and teaching practice . It also provides a collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna is for information and promotion activities carried out on the territory of both to facilitate the involvement of nurseries and kindergartens in Bologna. Other collaborations are planned with both Italian entities operating in Palestine , which are already enshrined partnerships in projects in the sector and with other Palestinian NGO engaged in education and the promotion and defense of children's.



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