Co-development and training in the early childhood sector between Bologna and the Palestinian territories

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
5.000 - 100.000
Type of Activity:
Training and Capacity Building
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
Emilia Romagna Region
regional emilia romagna public institution
Arci - Bologna
municipality of bologna
Cadiai Cooperative

Project Objectives

Developing self-esteem in children, strengthen their adaptation mechanisms and provide them with the skills needed to face and overcome trauma , loss , stress and problems related to violent conflict . • Locate the severely traumatized children and subject them to the attention of professionals. • Facilitate the process of integration of traumatized children in the community. • Create a network of volunteers to make friends with children who have been traumatized and provide assistance and support in school learning • Introduce a psychosocial help and support in pre - school • Getting the attention of teachers and parents in order to help them identify signals attributable to childhood trauma • Laboratories provide "therapeutic for traumatized children”. A range of therapeutic tools will be used , including: counseling , group therapy , theater, music, art and play . • Provide seminars with the participation of experienced professionals to parents in order to discuss and provide guidance on how to deal with their children.


The project aims to continue the work begun with the project "Strengthening the knowledge and skills in the field of early childhood in East Jerusalem, as part of the cooperation program ' Wings of the Dove ' : children , parents and teachers in training programs and exchange " , which was co - funded by the Emilia Romagna through the competition for decentralized cooperation. The project aims to provide support to the education sector for early childhood in Palestine , and is intended to improve education services for the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem , providing tools and qualified personnel that can help them in their process of formation . So far, the main partner in the area of Bologna were the Municipality of Bologna and the Cooperative CADIAI . The activities that have been promoted through the previous projects have allowed us to create a consistent and effective co-operation which led , among other things, the creation of a network of collaboration between some nursery schools of the Municipality of Bologna and some kindergartens in Jerusalem. As we intend to continue. The third phase of the project will be focused on strengthening and improving psychosocial rehabilitation interventions in 20 nursery schools in Hebron , Bethlehem and Nablus and in some neighborhoods of Jerusalem. The target groups are parents, children and preschool teachers in the areas specified. In this context , the partners of Bologna have introduced a specific group of activities related to so-called "games and techniques cooperatives" as a tool to resolve conflicts non-violently . The education in listening , dialogue, exchange and management of non-violent conflict, in order to find the most appropriate strategy to promote empathic encounter with each other in games and technical co-operatives. In order for the game to be successful, the objectives do not require competitions or contending groups , but rather the collaboration of all participants. The cooperative interaction allows everyone to expand their opportunities in synergy with others, with the goal of reciprocity. The proposal is to organize training courses on cooperative play and techniques during the kick -off meeting in Jerusalem in September 2013. The training will be conducted during the 2 days of the cooperative CADIAI and the Municipality of Bologna.



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