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Coop Norge
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união de camponeses provincial de tete (updc)
união das cooperative e associacões agríkcolas the lichinga (uca)
união privincial the camponeses de cabo delegado (upcd)
Associação Rural de Ajuda Mutua (Orama)

Project Objectives

To support farmers who organise themselves and to defend their interests


Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries. Twenty years of peace has brought development and economic growth to the country, but Mozambique is still characterized by great poverty. 52 per cent of households live below the poverty line. Over 70% of the population live in rural areas and live from agriculture. These often lack access to cash, credit, agricultural inputs and markets, as well as satisfactory social services.

Mozambique has a large agricultural potential and rich soil with a lot of minerals. According to Mozambique's Land Act of 1997, land is owned by the state. The Land Act emphasizes that men and women have equal rights in access and use of land. But there is a gap between the national act and its implementation. Local communities often have little knowledge of the law and do not know about their rights. Most rural people are illiterate and are easily exchanged for land theft from actors who want to invest in tourism, or exploit natural resources such as land, water, minerals and forests.

Our projects:

Norwegian People's Aid started the program in Mozambique in 1984 with humanitarian support for Mozambican refugees in Zimbabwe, and the population in the drought-affected areas of the Tete province. The program assisted with settlement, rehabilitation and development such as skills training, construction of schools, district development and mine clearance.

Today, Norwegian People's Aid supports the farmers who organize and defend their interests. Farmers require access to land and resources to get and to keep their livelihoods. Enlightenment and information work is important. The same is education in agricultural techniques to ensure increased productivity. The struggle for land, livelihood and justice is important for achieving long-term changes.

These we work with:

Coop supports organizations operating in the central and northern parts of the country:

União Provincial de Camponeses de Tete (UPDC) Province of Tete's department of the National Farmers' Organization. Promotes small farmers' interests. Provides technical support and organizational training to the members.
União das Cooperativas e Associacões Agríkcolas de Lichinga (UCA) Defends the rights of its members who operate family use, most women, and comprise 142 associations in six districts.
União Privincial de Camponeses de Cabo delegado (UPCD) Jobs to strengthen the peasantry movement In the Cabo Delegado province, combat poverty and improve living conditions in rural areas.
Associacão Rural de Ajuda Mutua (ORAM) Supports and defends the sustainable use of land and natural resources.

Assistance and humanitarian work

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