Promoting Committees of cooperative credit banks

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
300.001 - 500.000
Banking, Credit, Insurance
Type of Activity:
Training and Capacity Building
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
Federcasse - Italian Federation of the Credit bank
Establishment of Cooperative Credit Banks in Argentina

Project Objectives

Building in Argentina a system of Cooperative Credit Banks local capacity through training and technical assistance on one hand to the Steering Committees of Cooperative Credit Banks and on the other to the institutions in charge of both the Argentine cooperation in banking supervision


The project was created with the entry into force in 2007 of the Law 26,173, which recognizes again cooperative credit banks as financial entities after the ‘70s military dictatorship ban. Since then, the Argentine Central Bank involves the Bank of Italy and the Italian Cooperative Credit to train officials of the central bank itself both during processing and after the application of the standard. Over the years we have formed various Promoters committees of cooperative credit banks made mostly of entrepreneurs, professionals and local associations. Some of these committees have already submitted an application for authorization to the central bank, and have passed all stages of technical review. To do this the Argentine Cooperative Credit Italian established the International Centre for Assistance to Cooperative Credit. At present they are only waiting for the authorization of the Executive Board and the Governor's authority. The activity of the Cooperative Credit Italian has therefore shifted from training institutions to raise awareness in local communities through events and conferences and training and technical assistance to the Steering Committees of Cooperatives Credit Banks.



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