Training dogs for mine detection

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Agriculture and Fishery
Environment and Energy
Type of Activity:
Budget Support, Donations
Training and Capacity Building
Institutional Building (i.e. advocacy, etc.)
Legal Framework and Policy Reform
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
Coop Norge SA
Coop Norge
Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
swiss federal department of foreign affairs
international trust fund for demining and mine victims
german federal foreign office
norwegian people’s aid

Project Objectives

To clear the country of mines


Along with Norwegian People’s Aid, Coop Norge supports a programme to train dogs to detect mines. The NPA Global Training Centre for Mine Detection Dogs in Sarajevo can train 110 dogs a year – some will be specialised in mines, and some in other types of explosives. A quarter of populated areas in BiH are affected by mines. The overall objective of the NPA mine action programme is to enhance the ability of affected communities and endangered groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina to control their own lives, increasing their safety and improving their living standards. Furthermore, NPA works consistently in exploiting the potential for the creation of synergies through partnerships with local communities and relevant state authorities involved in mine action.



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