Cooperatives Europe amplifies SDG Watch Europe’s input on education & sustainability

Cooperatives Europe amplifies SDG Watch Europe’s input on education & sustainability

At the end of last week, Cooperatives Europe endorsed the SDG Watch Europe input to the planned Council Recommendation on Education for environmental sustainability. The report comes as a response to the Commission’s public consultation and its planned commitments to mainstream environmental sustainability perspectives in education and training.

As an SDG Watch Europe member, Cooperatives Europe echoes their calls for a clear link of the Council Recommendation to the broader 2030 Agenda and a holistic Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) strategy. It also wants to highlight the important role of civil society and non-educational institutions such as youth organisations, NGOs, employers, and many others in providing environmental sustainability education. Scaling up innovative practices on their expertise will benefit all stakeholders.

When it comes to environmental sustainability education in particular, cooperatives in Europe also have a role to play. In the academic sphere, for example, some cooperative education institutions are already working on environmental sustainability education. Not to mention the many initiatives in the broader cooperative landscape. The cooperative principles of education of members and concern for community enable them to be spaces for non-formal learning on environmental sustainability for their members and the wider community.

The signing of this SDG Watch Europe report is part of the broader support of Cooperatives Europe to the SDGs. Cooperatives are good partners for achievement of the SDGs, considering they are versatile actors, active in many economic sectors. Cooperatives unite, creating decent jobs and inclusive growth with concern for community and the planet.

Agnès Mathis, Director of Cooperatives Europe adds:

Cooperatives Europe will keep advocating for the recognition of the added value of cooperatives related to the SDGs. We urge the European Union to take into account the input of SDG Watch Europe in the upcoming Council Recommendation on Education for environmental sustainability.

Read the full report here.

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