Cooperatives Europe welcomes Markus Pieper as EU SME Envoy

Cooperatives Europe warmly welcomes the appointment of Markus Pieper as the new EU Envoy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and looks forward to collaborate. We stand ready to provide strategic advice and support to co-create a more SME friendly ecosystem in Europe.

Cooperatives Europe’s membership represents a wide spectrum of SME cooperatives. We contribute to the EU’s SME policies, particularly in areas undergoing significant transformation such as digital and energy transition. By focusing on innovative solutions and local development, Cooperatives Europe aims to bring a unique and essential perspective to the table.

The heart of our collaboration lies in the SME relief package adopted this past November. The package contains a wealth of opportunities and provisions for SME cooperatives. Key highlights include facilitating access to finance, establishing voluntary reporting standards for non-listed companies, and easing the process of business transfers. In this light, Cooperatives Europe underscores the importance of reducing administrative burdens for SMEs, advocating for the rationalization of these reporting requirements to align better with cooperative reporting standards.

With the EU’s legislative landscape continually evolving, Cooperatives Europe wants to emphasize the necessity for SME-friendly policies that embrace the diverse nature of our enterprises. As Markus Pieper steps into his new role we stand ready to open the dialogue. It is in our mission to ensure that EU legislation not only supports but also thrives on the diversity of SMEs, ultimately serving the broader interests of European citizens.



What is the EU SME Envoy?

The EU SME Envoy acts as a vital link between the European Commission and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This role involves advocating for the needs and interests of SMEs, ensuring that their voices are heard in the policy-making process. The SME Envoy works closely with SME representatives from each EU member state, coordinating efforts to create a supportive environment that fosters growth, innovation, and competitiveness in the SME sector across the European Union.

What is the EU SME Envoy network?

The EU SME Envoy Network is a group that consists of the SME Envoys from each EU member state, led by the EU Commission’s SME Envoy. This network facilitates dialogue and collaboration among the member states to ensure that the concerns and needs of SMEs are adequately represented at the EU level. It aims to share best practices, address challenges, and implement SME-friendly policies and initiatives across Europe. The network ensures that the interests of SMEs are at the forefront when crafting legislation and policies, thereby contributing to a more conducive business environment for these enterprises.

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