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Join our call for a #CloserEurope with #coops

Join our call for a #CloserEurope with #coops

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 - 5pm

The future of Europe is being shaped right now, with the EU Council meeting on 15th of December to set a blueprint for the economy over the next ten years. This is the culmination of work that was started by the EU President and Commission at the start of this year, in a consultation on the Future of Europe.

Coops from across Europe have come together under the auspices of Cooperatives Europe to champion the case for a more inclusive and sustainable future, a Cooperative Economy for the continent.

We will outline our vision for a cooperative Future of Europe on December 11.  

#CloserEurope with #coops

We believe that cooperatives must play a key role in outlining a #FutureofEurope to collectively build a Europe that puts people at the heart of the economy, guided by values and enabled through democracy, participation and inclusion.

Join our Thunderclap campaign today to show your support for a cooperative Europe that brings Europe closer to its citizens, values, a fairer society and the future.

Make your voice count - support a #CloserEurope wiht coops.  

Show your support here.

By supporting our campaign, you will help us share the vision paper of the European cooperative movement on the Future of Europe, to be released on December 11.