Opening Statement of the European Young Coopertors Network

“We are working towards a world democratically owned in common, moving beyond an economy based on private ownership and accumulation of wealth. Across the globe our generation is inheriting gross inequalities, environmental destruction and shameful poverty. Our movement, the co-operative movement, can transform society. It can create meaningful and rewarding work, empower the disempowered and serve the collective wellbeing of people and our planet. But only if it truly enacts the values of equality, democracy and sustainable development and only if it puts young people at the heart of its future.

Yesterday 70 young people from 10 countries across Europe, representing thousands of European youth, gathered to form the Young European Co-operators Network.

Through sharing ideas, skills and knowledge this network will support the growth of a vibrant, strong and innovative network of young co-operators. Yesterday we started building the future of the co-operative movement and we ask you to join us.”

Paris, 22nd April 2015



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