Balkan Co-operative Conference: The Case for Gateway Co-operatives in Montenegro and the Balkans

Cooperatives Europe, COSV Montenegro, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, and the Union of Cooperatives of Montenegro are hosting a multi-level Balkan Co-operative Conference – The Case for Gateway Co-operatives in Montenegro and the Balkans: Reflections and Discussions. This event serves as a culminating event for the European Union funded co-operative rehabilitation project that COSV, Cooperatives Europe with several member and partner organisations, as well as local stakeholders have been implementing in Montenegro since June 2011.

The conference will feature and highlight the project’s activities and partnerships. The event will also provide an opportunity to expand the discussion to the larger Balkan context, including presentations of co-operative development activities in the region and an opportunity to recommend follow-up strategies for a continuation of co-operative development activities. Panelists include co-operators from Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Albania. Conference participants also include representatives from Croatia, Serbia, and other European cooperative movements.

The Conference also provides a unique opportunity for networking and information sharing with a culminating cocktail event – local and regional stakeholders may establish collaborations and joint action plans to continue expanding the breadth and depth of co-operative development in Montenegro and the larger Balkan context. Indeed, these networking opportunities can prove a catalyst for continued collaborations and partnerships.

The programme of the conference is available here.

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