Research support provision

Object of the offer:

Support Cooperatives Europe in the Legal Framework Analysis research (Activity A2.2) undertaken in the programme “Cooperatives in Development – People-centered Businesses in Action” (also referred to as ‘ICA-EU Partnership’). This research will require the support of legal experts contracted at the regional level, to which this offer refers.  The subject to this offer is to support Cooperatives Europe in its full-scale implementation of the Legal Framework Analysis at the European level, during the ‘Cooperatives in Development’ programme. The main tasks to be fulfilled will include: 

– Guide the selection of national experts in their area, in coordination with the Cooperatives Europe research team.

– Coordinate and oversee the work of the national experts in their area, including by reviewing the national questionnaires and reports provided.

– When relevant, and upon mutual agreement, the regional expert may be asked to step in and fulfill the duties of national expert for countries in their area, using the common methodology and templates provided by Cooperatives Europe.

– Write a regional report according to the common template provided by Cooperatives Europe, which will include:

• The overview of the situation in the region.

• The analysis of any existing supranational framework.

• Highlights of the national reports of the countries covered.

• General trends, as well as good or bad practices.

 The partner is asked to describe their experience and submit by 23 May 2019 a detailed offer, including the costs and conditions proposed. 

View the full job description and application in the document below.

Please send the job application to [email protected] by 23rd of May.

This article related to the ICA-EU Partnership has been co-funded by the European Union. The contents of this article are the sole responsibility of Cooperatives Europe and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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