Share with us inspiring cooperatives, cooperators and initiatives

In the framework of advocating for cooperatives in Europe, Cooperatives Europe often points to existing inspiring cooperatives, cooperators and initiatives to illustrate the case we are making, be it promoting green energy, gender equality, or building a fairer Europe with cooperatives. As the cooperative movement grows, we want to keep in touch with cooperatives on the ground, and paint a very acurate and representative picture of the cooperative landscape today. 

Do you know of any inspiring cooperatives, cooperators and initiatives that we should know about? Use this form to let us know. 
We want to hear of interesting stories, impact of cooperatives, innovations, any great achievements, awards, media references and other communication of note. From small coops to large ones, we want to hear from all. We welcome submissions from everyone - whether you're part of a cooperative, or heard about a new coop initiative on the news. 

Your submissions could be promoted at the European Institutions level, between our members or on social media.