Young Cooperators Network

The Young European Cooperators Network (YECN) brings together young cooperators under 40 years old from all over Europe to exchange information, advance the interests of young cooperators on the policy agenda, and foster new opportunities.


Participants in the youth summit meeting “Young people and the future of cooperation in Europe” in Cardiff, Wales on 21 – 22 November 2022


Why engage in the YECN?

While the pandemic temporarily slowed down its activities, the network is ready to resume those in full force. For those most engaged in the network, long-term engagement has perks. The YECN can create local, European, and international opportunities. 

  • Have a tangible impact on decision-making about cooperatives
  • Learn from other young cooperators, exchange experiences
  • Build on the development of the cooperative community and create opportunities for others
  • Get invited to attend seminars, EU activities, workshops, and networking events
  • Put your organisation (and yourself) in the spotlight, showcase your work

This can open the pathway to the global movement for you and your organisation. 

When communicating about the Youth network try to use the hashtag #YECN, #CoopYouth


How to become a member of the YECN?

Currently there is no formal application process to apply for the Young European Cooperators Network. Any young European cooperator under 40 years old can get access to the community channels.


Contact & connect

The easiest way to connect to the YECN is by following the public Facebook group to which you can request access. Another way is to contact us directly. Members of the YECN have access to the Whatsapp community where practical matters are discussed.

For questions about the Young European Cooperators Network you can contact us here.


What is the connection between Cooperatives Europe and the YECN

The YECN is an independent network that is supported by Cooperatives Europe since its foundation in 2015. Cooperatives Europe helped the YECN organise numerous youth events over the past years.

Young people around the world are set to inherit an array of complex challenges and their socio-economic opportunities are increasingly limited. Through its commitments Cooperatives Europe aims to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of young people, advance democratic cooperative practices that centre the interests of young people, and strengthen intergenerational collaboration.  

The Young European Cooperators Network can send one representative to the International Cooperative Alliance’s Youth Network youth committee representing the European region.