Young Cooperators Network

The Young European Cooperators Network (YECN) is an informal network composed of young co-operators under the age 40 coming from all over Europe. We gather to foster exchanges, teach about the cooperative model, share best practices, advance the interests of young cooperators and foster new opportunities for them, within the movement and beyond.


Help the YECN map youth cooperation in Europe!



1. Why engage in the YECN

The network aims at giving a platform to young cooperators and increase youth participation in the movement across Europe. Join our incredible community to:

    • Learn from other young cooperators, exchange experiences, skills and best practices.
    • Get opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, projects, and networking events at national and EU level.
    • Become a member of a community and create opportunities for its young cooperators
    • Put your cooperative (and yourself) in the spotlight, showcase your work and connect with others

2. What does the YECN do?

To find out more about its activities for this year, read the YECN 2023-2024 work plan here:
Download the YECN Workplan presentation.



3. Governance

Currently, the YECN coordination team is composed of:

Wanna get (more) involved in the YECN governance? Contact one of its representatives!


Anna Loscalzo

President of the YECN




Marcelina Zjawińska

YECN representative and Vice-President 




4. Connection Cooperatives Europe & the YECN

The YECN is an independent network that is supported by Cooperatives Europe since its foundation in 2015. Cooperatives Europe helped the YECN organise numerous youth events over the past years.

Through its commitments Cooperatives Europe aims to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of young people, advance democratic cooperative practices that centre the interests of young people, and strengthen intergenerational collaboration.


5. Contact & connect

Do you want to join the YECN? Or you are just curious about our work and want more information? Send us an email here.



Don’t hesitate to find us on social media with the hashtags #YECN and #CoopYouth



6. Photos

Find photos of the 2022 Cardiff Youth Conference here.

Participants in the youth summit meeting “Young people and the future of cooperation in Europe” in Cardiff, Wales on 21 – 22 November 2022

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