European Elections 2024

European Cooperative Manifesto 2024

A cooperative blueprint for Europe.
Cooperative priorities for the 2024 European Elections.

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Introducing our twin-strategy for the 2024 elections: our umbrella manifesto with 7 key priorities, and a sectorial manifesto containing concrete policy priorities for our sectors. Both, developed with our members and guiding our vision towards a cooperative-led Europe.

Amplify your impact with our toolkit

Empower your 2024 election campaign with our upcoming Election Toolkit. Gain insights into the European Parliament, learn the impact of your vote, and discover ways to engage with MEPs and promote our cooperative ideals. It’s your  guide to making a difference in shaping a cooperative Europe.


Our Vision

We believe that cooperatives are the most effective vehicle to transform our societies and economies. Our manifesto outlines a future where cooperation, community, shared prosperity and the people themselves are at the heart of Europe’s development. 

Cooperative Blueprint for Europe

The European cooperative movement’s umbrella manifesto made in collaboration with our members outlines 7 key priorities for the upcoming EU term.

Sectorial Cooperative Agenda

A detailed document made in collaboration with the cooperative sectors outlining their policy priorities tailored for influencing EU-wide legislative processes.

Elections toolkit

Coming soon: a toolkit designed to empower our members, from grassroots cooperatives to national and sectoral organizations, to actively engage in the European Elections.

Cooperatives are…

A Powerhouse in the European Economy

Cooperatives are a cornerstone of Europe’s economy, contributing significantly to GDP and promoting sustainable, inclusive growth. Their democratic, community-focused model plays a crucial role in job creation and social welfare, underscoring their importance in Europe’s economic resilience and equity.


These are our 7 priorities.

Our blueprint manifesto outlines seven critical priorities to guide us and European policymakers in the coming five years. A key role should be given to cooperatives in building our economy and communities. We want to push the commitment of doing business differently — where the success of a company is also measured by its contributions to a healthier society, a greener earth, and with people at the centre.


Decent Work and Citizen’s Empowerment


Competitiveness and Resilience


The Pillar of Social Rights


Youth Entrepreneurship


Investments in the Twin Transition


Cooperative Network


Democracy & Sustainable Development


Ready to take action? Engage in the elections and bring this manifesto to life. Write a letter to your political representatives. Sign up for updates, participate in our events, and spread the word. Every vote and every effort counts.

Volunteer, Vote, Advocate.

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