SCC: Sharing, collaboration, cooperation

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August 2020: Caracol toolkit released

“Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation” is a strategic partnership bringing together co-working spaces, higher educational institutions, innovation communities and international networks / umbrella organizations. The project counts 8 partners and has been co-funded by the Erasmus + programme. 

The development and democratization of digital technologies has had continuous and profound socio-economic impacts: it creates the conditions for workers to gain in autonomy, stepping away from job routine to pursue more independent and flexible work arrangements. 
From this context have emerged new needs and aspirations, especially of three kinds: (i) entrepreneurial (soft) skills enabling individuals to collaborate, design and set up innovative projects and organisations; (ii) physical spaces stimulating such collaborations; (iii) models sustaining spaces combining openness (towards their beneficiaries and local stakeholders) and viability (through relevant business models). 
By establishing a strategic partnership between co-working spaces, innovation communities and educational institutions we aim to stimulate the emergence of collaborative spaces for community-driven innovation, and anticipate the transition towards a digital society. 
SCC starts from the spaces and tools enabling to Share, in a view to promote and stimulate Collaboration, around Cooperation as a governance model enabling active participation through equality and democracy. It pursues the following objectives: 
• Models: Supporting the transformation of co-working spaces towards collaborative spaces, stimulating community-driven collaborative innovation 
• Activities: Fostering the creation and systemization of workflows between co-working spaces, HEIs and innovation communities, for the democratization and improvement of lifelong work-based entrepreneurial education 
• Tools: Developing methodologies aimed at systematizing trans-sectoral educational partnerships for community-driven collaborative innovation embedding transnational cooperation and international mobility 
Project duration: September 2018 – August 2021
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