On 25 May, during its 2022 General Assembly Cooperatives Europe members appointed via by-elections 4 new board members to complement the existing board team. Additionally and in consensus the board nominated Anu Puusa to take over the role vice-president replacing Pernilla Bonde.

Newly elected board members:

  • Illia Gorokhovskyi of Ukrkoopspilka (Coop Ukraine)
  • Netta Kedem of Kibbutz Movement (Israel)
  • Sofie Kjellin of HSB Sweden
  • Astri Liland of the National Federation of Agri Coops (Norway)

Complementing the board team:

  • DEBRY Jacques of Febecoop (Belgium),
  • DE LUCA Katia of Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane,
  • GRODZKI Mieczyslaw of the National Cooperative Council (Poland),
  • KAPPES Andreas of DGRV (Germany),
  • MEYER Thomas of Coop-Fr,
  • ÖRNEK Ünal of Orkoop (Turkey),
  • PUUSA Anu of Pellervo,
  • STEFANOV Petar of the Central Cooperative Alliance (Bulgaria),
  • WOODELL Vivian of Co-operatives UK.

Sector representatives:

  • FERRAND Isabelle of EACB,
  • FIEDLER Mathias of Eurocoop,
  • GUERINI Giuseppe of CECOP,
  • POFFERI Leonardo of Cogeca,
  • VANSINTJAN Dirk of Rescoop.EU.

President: Susanne Westhausen.

More information about the General Assembly you can find here.

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