POSTPONED Civil Society Days 2020


Building a sustainable future for the European citizens?
The European Civil Society Days 2020 will take place on 22nd and 23rd of April in Brussels. The conference will take place shortly before the kick-off of the Conference on the Future of Europe scheduled for 9 May 2020. At a time when the most pressing challenge for Europe is putting the European economy and society on a more sustainable path, the 2020 Civil Society Days will focus on the crucial question of how to build a sustainable future for European citizens.
Cooperatives Europe, together with Social Economy Europe, will co-organise a workshop titled “Social economy: a way forward for youth entrepreneurship. This workshop aims to gather experiences from young entrepreneurs in the Social Economy and cooperatives, bring knowledge from education institutions, spark an exchange on EU initiatives aimed at supporting youth entrepreneurship in the Social Economy and generate learning through exchanging good practices.
The workshop is part of the six interactive sessions that will try to deliver answers by tackling key topics, such as:
  • Multilevel Sustainable Democracy in Europe
  • How can the European Green Deal foster true environmental sustainability?
  • Youth activism to counter shrinking civic space and contribute to a sustainable future for Europe
  • Social Economy: a way forward for youth entrepreneurship
  • Socialising the European Green Deal
  • Education and culture for a sustainable future for all

These topics broadly match the key priorities outlined by the three EU institutions for the Conference on the Future of Europe.  Thus, the EESC and its Liaison Group, as the voice of organised civil society at European and national level, will take this opportunity to deliver a timely contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Registrations will open at the end of March. 

Visit the event website. 


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