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Join Cooperatives Europe at the International Summit of Cooperatives as well as at the pre-summit activities! 

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The International Summit of Cooperatives is the world’s leading event for business development in the cooperative and mutual community.  By demonstrating that cooperatives are one answer to the major socioeconomic issues of our times, the Summit aims to promote and foster the development of cooperative enterprises in all countries. The event attracts more than 3,000 participants from 93 countries and will be 

Attend to hear speakers from the EU and around the world representing a large variety of sectors and take part in the Summit activities, which will include  speakers from the European cooperative enterprises including Ben Reid from Micounties co-op, UK,  Hilde Vernaillen, from P&V sc, Belgium,  Anders Lago, from HSB, Sweden, and Monique Leroux, President of the International Cooperative Alliance, including others from Federsolidariata-confcooperative (IT), (EU), HSB (SE) and Coop-Fr (FR)…

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Our activities

For all the events use the hashtags #coops and/or #ISCOOP16 – let’s get cooperatives trending on social media!

Cooperatives in International Development

10th October
1 pm – 5.30 pm
Location: 2000CD

Cooperatives Europe Development Platform will participate in pre-summit activity on Monday, October 10th, titled “Cooperatives and Mutuals in International Development – How Can We Do More and Better Together?”  Bringing together cooperative organisations active in international development, the global meeting will see presentations as well as two roundtables – first, on impact of the cooperative model on poverty alleviation, and second, on joint development programs and the strength of networks. With the help of resource facilitator, Dame Pauline Green, discussion outcomes will finalise the portrait of what is needed to facilitate collaboration and establish a stronger cooperative development network.

Communication: Use the hashtag #coops4dev to contribute to the discussion.

Youth for #Coop: cooperating across borders

12th October
9.30 am – 12 pm
Location: 307AB

On October 12th, Cooperatives Europe will organize a session titled “Youth for #Coop: Cooperating Across Borders ” together with European Network of Young Cooperators, CJDES, OFQJ and the ICA Youth Committee. Young cooperators’ willingness to contribute to the movement and enabling the movement to better address their needs and aspirations, lead to the creation of the European Network of Young Cooperators with the aid of Cooperatives Europe. Such networks must address challenges, such as funding, communication and governance, to be able to fully develop and strengthen themselves. Addressing young cooperators, the activity will aim to encourage knowledge and experience sharing between networks of young cooperators from various continents, in order to get an insight of identified challenges and existing tools to address them.

Communication: Use the hashtag #CoopYouth to follow the workshop.

Collaborative economy: opportunity for cooperatives

12th October
2.15 pm – 5 pm
Location: 302AB

On 12th of October, Agnes Mathis, Director of Cooperatives Europe will make an intervention at the “Cooperatives, Challenges and Business Opportunities within the Collaborative Economy” activity. The presentation will focus on issues inherent to a sharing economy whilst the round table of experts will explore the phenomenon and its impacts on cooperatives. Cooperatives Europe’s newest study on collaborative economy is available to view here.

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