EDD 2016: Presenting the benefits of the cooperative model for development


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On 15 and 16 June, Cooperatives Europe and its Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP) participated in the European Development Days (EDD) 2016 – an annual forum on development and international cooperation organised by the European Commission. Featured under the theme “Prosperity – Trade, growth and sustainable development”, the stand was an excellent opportunity for the CEDP to bring the involvement of European cooperatives in international development projects into the spotlight and promote the potential of cooperative enterprises on a global scale.

Cooperatives Europe and the CEDP’s achievements in international development – with an extensive compilation of nearly 250 development projects carried out by European cooperative organisations across the world– paved the way for a partnership for international cooperative development, signed in March 2016 between the International Cooperative Alliance and the European Commission. The ICA-EU partnership recognises the importance of cooperatives in development, further strengthening the cooperative movement worldwide.

Presenting one of the CEDP projects titled “Supporting co-operatives in Malawi”, the team was joined by a special guest – Project Manager John Mulangeni Nkosi. The project, led by Cooperatives Europe‘s member and CEDP partner The Co-operative College, allows Malawian cooperatives to increase their capacity by providing them with training and mentorship to improve their skills, enhancing their access to market and developing a national apex body. Another initiative featured was the Agricoop project, led in Colombia by CEDP member Coopermondo, which helps former opium farmers to develop fishery cooperatives and obtain technical support. 

The interactive features of the stand provided the participants with a fruitful and educational exchange discovering cooperatives through our online development platform and through a quiz titled “Do you know cooperatives?”

The EDD 2016 forum focused on the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and brought together the development community to share ideas and experiences, inspiring new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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