Film screening: ‘The fourth revolution’


Cooperative enterprises put forward a decentralized energy system as a better solution for today’s energy challenges. To bring this discussion to a wider audience, Cooperatives Europe will host a film screening: “The fourth revolution”. This will take place at the fringe festival. The movie will be followed by a discussion panel consisting of:

Klaus Niederlander, Director Cooperatives Europe (moderator)

Colin Baines, Campaigns Manager, The Cooperative Group

Vanni Rinaldi, Legacoop

Martin Lowery, American Rural Electricity Cooperative Association

In addition, on Friday 2nd November from 9 am to 12, Cooperatives Europe will host a three workshop session: bringing together diverse panels of experts and key actors in the renewable energy field, we will explore how cooperatives are reshaping the energy market. More details can be found here.

This initiative is part of Cooperatives United, an inspiring global festival of events and exhibitions set in Manchester, UK, from 29 October to 2 November 2012 to mark the close of the UN International Year of Cooperatives. With 1 world premiere, 3 exhibitions, 10 conferences, 45 countries, 150 workshops, 200 exhibitors and 10,000 people, CooperativesUnited will inform and inspire everyone to build a sustainable economy and a better world.Here is the provisional programme of the events hosted by Cooperatives Europe at Cooperatives United:

For futher information, please contact Sarah Wakefield, Energy & Environment Coordinator at Cooperatives Europe.

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