General Assembly 2023


The 2023 General Assembly was hosted by member Norsk Landbrukssamvirke on 31 May and 1 June in person in Ski, Norway (south of Oslo).

This event provided an opportunity for all members to come together and participate in the decision-making process. In addition to the formal agenda, there were opportunities for networking and relationship-building with other cooperative leaders from across Europe.

At the conference on Day 1 we covered two workshops, one on education and one on climate change. The relevance of cooperation in education today was thoroughly examined during our Education Workshop. The workshop deep-dived into the current significance of cooperation in education. We addressed questions such as, are we still featured in today’s business courses? How can we enhance visibility and implement comprehensive educational materials that include cooperative entrepreneurship? With speakers Maryline Filippi (University of Bordeaux), Anu Puusa (Vice President Cooperatives Europe, Pellervo), Roberta Trovarelli (Alleanza Delle Cooperative Italiane), Antti Varis (Pellervo), Marianna Yasinska (COOP Ukraine) and Berkin Şener (Genç İşi Kooperatif).

In the climate change workshop, we discussed questions such as “Could there be a new platform addressing climate change issues?”. In this workshop, we fostered interactive discussions between panel members and participants, focusing on strategies to confront climate change challenges. We explored potential collaborative opportunities between sectors. This workshop served as a stepping stone towards a potential platform of collaboration for our members. With speakers: Mathias Fiedler (Our board member, Euro Coop, ZdK), Thomas Meyer (SOCAPS, CoopFR, our Board member), Bouke de Vries (Rabobank), Connie Muir (Midcounties), Carlos Zarco (Fundacion Espriu), and Lizz Wiklund (HSB), facilitated by Dirk Vansintjan (Our board member and President of



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Huge thanks to our first sponsors: HSB Riksförbund, Fundacio Espriu, Febecoop, Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane, DGRV, and SOCAPS.



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