GYF 21: Coopedia – principle 5 in action


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#Coops4dev will host the second Global Youth Forum (GYF21), this time in an online format.  The Global Youth Forum – Cooperative Entrepreneurship aims at bringing together young entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world in order to offer them quality training sessions to improve their skills, knowledge, and motivation. The peer-to-peer training approach is expected to lead to new solutions and recommendations, to help the attendees learn from the best practices, and to foster new ideas and innovation in the field of youth and cooperative entrepreneurship.

Cooperatives Europe will be leading  a workshop: “Coopedia: Exploring cooperative entrepreneurship, knowledge sharing and the open-source movement”

26 March, 9.30 AM (CET)

As more and more young people identify with the cooperative business model, one question is often raised: where do I start? Apart from the usual challenges of starting a business, aspiring cooperators face the extra challenge of the cooperative business model not being known as widely. The open source Coopedia Knowledge Base was created to tackle this knowledge gap, and ensure that resources on cooperative entrepreneurship are available worldwide in multiple languages – following cooperative principle 5.

Join the session led by Cooperatives Europe and discover the potential of Coopedia not only to bring support the cooperative start-ups worldwide, but also its role in building a cooperative internet. We will hear tips and tricks for starting your coop from an established young entrepreneur, discover how cooperative national organisations and cooperative expert networks gear up to offer better support to entrepreneurs, and learn about open source movement and its role in promoting better cooperation between cooperatives.

Our 3 part session will see the following discussions:

  • Knowledge is power – or how to get your head around starting your own cooperative
  • Coopedia: a global tool to support new entrepreneurs
  • Open-source and cooperatives – two sides of the same coin?

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