International Day of Cooperatives 2019



This 6th of July cooperators across the world come together to celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Cooperatives. This year’s theme “Coops 4 decent work” puts forward cooperatives as people-centred enterprises characterised by democratic control that prioritise human development and social justice within the workplace.

On this occasion, Jean-Louis Bancel, President of Cooperatives Europe, extends his wishes to cooperators and supporters worldwide: 

“Cooperatives go beyond being a regular business model. Where inequalities thrive, cooperatives continue to prove to be part of the solution. By embedding ethical values and principles within their economic activity, they respond to the needs of the citizens and are the perfect tools for implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), driving decent work and sustainable development.

Let’s celebrate the power of cooperation this coops day together. I invite you to promote cooperatives, and share great examples and achievements through
This #CoopsDay we wish you all an excellent day of celebrations, reflections and inspiration for a more cooperative future.”

Join the #CoopsDay celebrations

It is only by taking pride in our business model and promoting it widely in our local communities, on national level and on European and International level, that we will be able to expand the positive contribution cooperatives make by putting people before profit.
Cooperatives Europe encourages all its members and allies to take part in the 2019 #CoopsDay celebrations – in small way or big, online or in your local communities.

Find an interactive map of cooperative events, add your own, and find a cooperators guide with all the materials you might need here: 

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