Workshop: How to mobilize the digital for a social and economic added value: an exchange of good practices


How can we mobilise digital to achieve the social objectives at the heart of our missions and values?


A participatory workshop with testimonials and discussions hosted by ConcertES, UNIPSO, Cooperatives Europe, Social Good Accelerator at the conference on the social economy and the future of Europe.

This conference, organised French Presidency of the Council of the EU, is taking place in Strasbourg. This event is a great opportunity to debate and exchange views among decision-makers and social economy stakeholders concerning the role that social economy can play for the future of Europe. Furthermore, by bringing together all the social economy actors, it will be possible to discuss about solutions for people and the planet to make social economy scale up.


3.30-5.30 p.m.


Transition Village (square Plitviče) in Strasbourg


  • The Social Good Accelerator : Jeanne Bretécher, President, Co-Founder (moderator)
  • UNIPSO : Claire CHEVRIER, Project Manager
  • Cooperatives Europe : Mathilde DELABIE, Advocacy Officer
  • ConcertES ASBL : Jonathan NECKEBROECK, Project Manager
  • Coompanion : Björn Granat


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