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The project – ‘Cooperatives in development’ is a project lead by Cooperatives Europe and co-financed by the European Commission under the Non-State Actors (NSA) grant scheme. The project builds upon the activities of the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP).

In 2008, driven by its members’ interests in development and cooperation, Cooperatives Europe established the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP). This group convenes cooperative federations from Europe on issues of development policy and development implementation where and when cooperatives are involved.

‘Cooperatives in development’ project, which started in September 2012, aims at fostering exchanges within the global cooperative network for an impact-driven, coordinated, and sustainable cooperative development approach. It also seeks to enhance dialogue with the EU institutions, providing decision-makers with input and data from grass-roots cooperatives so as to support coherent EU policy-making and strategic planning, and advocating for greater visibility of cooperatives within EU policies.

Project partners: Cecop-Cicopa Europe, CERA-BRS (Belgium), The Co-operative College (UK), Coopermondo-Confcooperative (Italy), DGRV (Germany), Eurocoop (EU), FNCuma (France), Kooperationen (DK), Legacoop (Italy), WeEffect (Sweden).

Associate partners: ACC – The Central Union of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives (Turkey), The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO), ICA – International Cooperative Alliance (central Offices), ICA Africa, Cooperatives of the Americas, ICA Asia Pacific.

Duration – The project officially started on 15 September 2012 and has a duration of 30 months. 

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Contact: Marc Noel

 Go to ‘Cooperatives in development’ online platform

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