Pledge to the EU Transition Pathways

Cooperatives Europe submitted on February 28 2023 a pledge for the co-implementation of the EU Transition Pathways. Cooperatives Europe has committed to work on several action areas, including on addressing on the skills gap and boosting green and digital skills (Action Area 7 and 14) while also working on fostering green business communities and citizens’ initiative (Action Area 6).

This initiative is part of the updated EU Industrial policy and the European Social Economy Action Plan.
The purpose of the call is to collect pledges from stakeholders on the concrete actions that they will take in order to help achieve the shared action areas identified in the Transition Pathway.

What are the EU Transition Pathways?

The EU is committing to the green and digital transition. In light of this the whole industrial ecosystem must transform its business models and value chains. To achieve this, the European Commission and the EU’s Industrial Forum have developed a blueprint for  EU Transition Pathways. However, the process of designing and planning a transition pathway is open and inclusive, with public consultation and stakeholder involvement. Open calls were held for each pathway where stakeholders could commit to the implementation.

Find more about our pledge here.


CoopsEurope pledge to the EU Transition Pathways

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