2013 World Forum in Lille: socially responsible companies succeed in putting forward people and sustainability

Lille Klaus
From October 23-25 the World Forum 2013 took place in Lille, France. This year’s edition focused on showcasing how companies together with their stakeholders are successfully initiating real change and adopting new models to overcome the current social and economic challenges. Those changes were clustered into four main areas of action: changing the corporate model, changing the relations with the consumers, changing business practises and changing human resource management.
Cooperative enterprises were well represented in the workshops with interventions from Coop Italia on cleverly reducing the consumption of raw material and by the Cooperative Group on using digital strategy.
Cooperatives Europe’s Director Klaus Niederlander moderated the workshop on social enterprise at the 2013 World Forum Lille bringing together examples from Latin America, African and Europe. The workshop entitled ‘How businesses can connect company success with social progress?’ explored the different challenges to move closer to realising the triple objectives of ‘People, Planet and Profit’.
“The World Forum is a great venue for cooperatives to connect with other businesses, who put people first. It also provides us with an opportunity to promote the cooperative model to young students”, concluded Klaus Niederlander.

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