Beyond borders: #CoopYouth for a stronger global movement

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A new publication titled “Youth for #Coop: Cooperating Beyond Borders” has been released today by Cooperatives Europe and CJDES.

Over the past few years, Cooperatives Europe has actively promoted and aided the creation of new networks of young cooperators such as the exemplary Young European Cooperators Network, aiming to address the needs and aspirations of the new generations. Gathering contributions from 70 young cooperators, the document presents the existing youth networks from the four regions of the International Cooperative Alliance and provides insight into the activities carried out across the world. With the support of Young European Cooperators Network, OFQJ, USA Cooperative Youth Council and ICA Youth Committee, the tools, strengths, challenges and needs of each network are explored to exchange best practices and foster cooperation among networks of young cooperators.
The publication serves as a follow-up of the outcomes and exchanges carried out at the “Youth for #Coop: Cooperating Beyond Borders” event held at the International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec, Canada and is a testament to the importance of youth participation and initiatives within the global cooperative movement.
In the publication foreword, Agnes Mathis, Director of Cooperatives Europe, wrote: “The force of the cooperative movement resides in its capacity to meet the evolving needs of its members. Supporting initiatives of the new generation contributes to build towards a better cooperative future.”
 Download the publication below.

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