6 July – Celebrating International Cooperative Day 2024

Today, we celebrate International Cooperative Day, a day of celebration for cooperators around the world and in Europe. This year’s theme, “cooperatives are building a better future for all” underscores the vital role that cooperatives play in fostering a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous society.


The cooperative movement has long been a beacon of resilience, putting people at the centre of its operations and promoting a sense of community and shared responsibility. Across Europe, we see daily examples of how cooperatives embody the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, even in the face of various intertwined challenges. On this International Cooperative Day, we want to reflect on the achievements of these cooperatives across Europe. Their unwavering commitment to cooperative values and principles serves as an inspiration to all.


This year’s cooperative day is special as it also marks a significant political shift in Europe with the recent European elections. Therefore, Cooperatives Europe and its members are preparing to work with the new Parliament and Commission. The cooperative movement stands ready to engage with the various layers of policymaking and with the newly elected leaders and officials. Our goal will be to ensure that the values of cooperation and solidarity are at the forefront of the European agenda.


This day is a global celebration that unites cooperators from all countries and sectors, from all walks of life. United in diversity, our collaboration and cooperation have shaped who we are today; this is our strength, this is part of our identity, and this is how we will shape our collective future. Let us use this day to renew our commitment to cooperative principles and ideals. Only by embracing them, we will be able to build a better and more cooperative world.


We eagerly anticipate working together with all of you this year as we prepare for the UN International Year of Cooperatives 2025.


Warm regards,
The Board of Cooperatives Europe, the European Region of the International Cooperative Alliance


About the International Day of Cooperatives

Celebrated worldwide for more than a century and officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on the centenary of the ICA in 1995, the International Day of Cooperatives is annually commemorated on the first Saturday of July.

#CoopsDay aims to increase awareness of cooperatives. The event underscores the contributions of the cooperative movement to resolving the major problems addressed by the United Nations and to strengthening and extending the partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other actors. Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations, through the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC), have jointly set the theme for the celebration of #CoopsDay.
This year’s theme is “Cooperatives Build a Better Future for All,” and the celebration will mark the 30th International Day of Cooperatives recognized by the United Nations and the 102nd International Cooperative Day.

Through #CoopsDay, local, national, and international policymakers, civil society organisations and the public in general can learn about the contribution of cooperatives to a just and sustainable future for all.

2025 International Year of Cooperatives

In November 2023, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution A/RES/78/175 on cooperatives in social development calling for the proclamation of 2025 as an International Year of Cooperatives. The resolution encourages all Member States, as well as the United Nations and all other relevant stakeholders, to take advantage of the International Year of Cooperatives as a way of promoting cooperatives and raising awareness of their contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and to overall social and economic development.

The International Day of Cooperatives will provide a platform to showcase how cooperatives continue playing their significant role in realising the universal goal of building a better world and how they are striving to create a better future for all.

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