Co-operative Social Responsibility: Cooperatives Europe releases new brochure

Cooperatives Europe releases today its brochure on CSR – Co–operative Social Responsibility. The document provides insights on how Corporate Social Responsibility is not new to co-operatives: as co-operatives have always behaved in a social responsible way. It is in their DNA.

Being socially responsible is not just a nice label for co-operative businesses, it is fundamental to the co-operative culture. That’s why co-operatives call it Co-operative Social Responsibility. The brochure gives concrete examples on how co-operatives:

Sustain local economy “Through members, we are locally rooted and connected to the community that we serve. We contribute to maintain and create jobs, and offer people tools to assume their economic and social development. That’s how we do business. We are enterprises dedicated to real economy, members’ interest and social cohesion.”

Provide social utility “Co-operatives put members at the heart of all their business and ensure social cohesion. Our members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Some co-operatives, according to the decision of their members provide social services or are specialised in the inclusion, through work, of disadvantaged and marginalised workers.

Encourage sustainability “We work for the sustainable development of our communities, promoting good human relations, respect for the environment and develop the production and distribution of renewable energy to support the combat against climate change.”

Etienne Pflimlin, Cooperatives Europe co-president said: “We are proud of this publication, which shows that co-operatives are an integral part of CSR policies, which they develop with their unique identity and governance specificities”.

You can download the brochure here

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