Cooperatives ensure no-one is left behind​: International Day of Cooperatives


On 1st of July, we are celebrating the International Day of Cooperatives.  This year’s theme concentrates on the inclusive nature of cooperatives, ensuring that no-one is left behind. 

Cooperatives can provide solutions to the inequalities existing in today’s world. As stated in the internationally agreed definition, it is the principles and values that set cooperatives apart from all other forms of entrepreneurial organisations. Those principles state that membership in a cooperative is open without discrimination to all people who accept the requirements of membership. 

We join the International Co-operative Alliance in it’s calls on cooperatives to reflect on the misery caused by rising inequality, to recommit to ensuring equality across their communities, and to celebrate the cooperative contribution to making the world a better place. 

The platform ‘Coops for 2030’ ( offers the possibility for cooperatives to pledge initiatives towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the International Co-operative Alliance encourages all co-operatives to do so.

Read the full statement of the ICA here and use the hashtag #coopsday to share what this day means to you. 

Watch our new video on the occasion of #CoopsDay below.

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