Dear members, friends,


Cooperatives Europe stands in solidarity with the people, including many cooperators, affected by the developments in Ukraine.


The cooperative movement is one of intense collaboration, of common understanding and mutual respect. Key cooperative values encompass democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity with people at the centre. As the pan-European association of cooperatives, with members not only in Ukraine but also Russia, Cooperatives Europe is convinced that this collaboration surmounts political or cultural barriers, enhancing prosperity and strengthening security. But our cooperation relies on a stable international community, based on rules and principles that should not be undermined.


We are deeply saddened that once again war happens in the heart of our continent. We call for peace and diplomatic solutions to prevent the further suffering of millions of innocent people.


We follow closely the situation in Ukraine and are ready and in contact with local organizations to provide support to help refugees. We call upon cooperators all over Europe and worldwide to initiate efforts to provide humanitarian aid and support for those affected by this war.



Susanne Westhausen


Download Cooperatives Europe’s Statement on Ukraine here.