Declaration by SME Envoy Network – Our vision of SME policies for the next mandate

On June 13th, the EU Network of SME Envoys gathered in Berlin for its 50th meeting – a special one considering the start of the new EU legislative mandate. At this gathering, Cooperatives Europe and other SME Envoys adopted a common declaration titled “Smart, Modern, Empowering – Inspiration for Future SME Policies.”

The declaration aims to inspire and guide future EU policy for SMEs and entrepreneurs on topics like better access to flexible finance for innovation, education and skills, and the impact of voluntary reporting standards for SMEs (VSME). The SME Envoy Network has strongly emphasised a functioning Single market for SMEs through the “think small first” approach and the streamlining of reporting obligations a topic on which Cooperatives Europe has been vocal during the last mandate.

Furthermore, the declaration refers to the need for a true level playing field to protect SMEs’ competitiveness, an ongoing demand for Cooperatives Europe. On this topic, we believe the focus must go beyond e-commerce and include all types of enterprises, including cooperatives.

Other topics mentioned in the Declaration such as social cohesion and regional development echo the work Cooperatives Europe is doing on proximity economy and that we will push as an area for action for this mandate.

As a business representative member of the SME Envoy Network, Cooperatives Europe welcomes all the efforts provided for this declaration by all the members. We have high hopes for its realization. This declaration can pave the way for more strategic policy discussions at the EU level in the coming months.

Find the SME Envoy declaration here.

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