New Global Cooperative Development Platform launched at the International Summit of Cooperatives

On Monday October 10th, the Global Cooperative Development Platform (GCDP) was launched based on the recommendations of the pre-summit activity “Cooperatives and mutuals in international development – how can we do more and better together?”

The session was organized by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC), within the framework of the International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec and part of the ICA-EU partnership activities. The activity, facilitated by Dame Pauline Green, brought together co-operative members at the international level to share achievements, identify courses of action, and facilitate collaboration to explore future partnerships within international development.

Established five years ago, Cooperatives Europe Development Platforms’s (CEDP) past work as well as its recognition on the EU level has been instrumental in today’s creation of the Global Network. Whilst the CEDP was created for the European region, gathering European cooperative development organisations, the GCDP will allow the European Network to connect with other regional networks with the aim of coming together on the worldwide level.

Dame Pauline Green commented: “A Global Co-operative Development Platform does not have the aim to become a development agency, but to strengthen collaboration between co-operative development organisations and raise visibility and knowledge about the role co-operatives play in international development”. The creation of the GCDP is a great step forward, with ICA taking up the challenge to facilitate the newly launched global network.

Download the recommendations below. 

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