Small Business Act for Europe: Cooperatives contribute to a stronger EU SME policy

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Cooperatives Europe has released its position paper on the review of the Small Business Act for Europe.   

The Small Business Act for Europe was adopted in 2008 and updated in 2011. It reflects the European Commission’s political will to recognize the central role of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the EU Economy. In order to enhance a strong European policy to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in 2015-2020, the European Commission has organised a public consultation on how the Small Business Act for Europe should be revised.

Cooperatives Europe welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to present a Small Business Act for Europe for the period 2015-2020. Since the launch of the SBA in 2008, Cooperatives Europe has been supporting the adoption and implementation of a strong European policy for SMEs. The members of Cooperatives Europe are largely SMEs, who could benefit from stronger EU SME policies.

Cooperatives Europe is particularly pleased to see that the consultation explicitly refers to cooperative enterprises for the first time. It is a further recognition of the diversity of ways of doing business in Europe, which deserves equal attention of policy makers at European level.

Klaus Niederländer, Director at Cooperatives Europe, commented: “The European cooperative movement includes thousands of SMEs. Through the SME envoy network and the SBA follow-up group, we are therefore committed to providing our contribution to an effective European SME strategy, one that strengthens the diversity and resiliance of businesses in Europe.”

Download Cooperatives Europe constibution to the consultation on the SBA 2015-2020.


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